The 3 Most Comfortable Pairs of Jeans from Brands You Don’t Know (Yet)

I may love fashion, but 95% of the time if I had it my way, I’d probably never get out of my Wunder Unders. Though I’ve gotten away with wearing sweats to work, real life calls for real clothes—so the next best solution is finding real people outfits that feel like yoga pants (and are just as easy to wear). Enter denim: jeans are classic, easy to style no matter what your fashion prowess and can be dressed up or down, so they’re ideal for any occasion. And, yes, turns out they can be exceedingly comfortable even without being full-fledged jeggings. I’ve scoured the denim world for the most comfortable pairs—and here are three, from brands you probably haven’t heard of (yet).

FIRST PLACE: Fidelity Denim


I own three pairs of Fidelity’s Belvedere skinnies in three different washes—they’re just that good. They’re a true skinny fit, down to the ankle, and coupled with a slimming high rise fit, they’re truly flattering on every body type. With just the perfect amount of stretch (and not the kind that stretches out with wear), you can wear them day in and day out without ever having one of those jeans-unbuttoned-at-your-desk kind of days.

SECOND PLACE: Black Orchid 


This brand has only been on the market for a few years—so be quick to snag a pair for yourself so you can say that you knew them when. They don’t have quite the same amount of stretch as other pairs do, but when you’ve found the perfect fit, what do you need stretch or extra room for? And because of that, these keep their shape better than any pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. Confession: I’ve worn them two days in a row before and each time they look and feel as though they’ve come fresh out of the wash—no second-day loosening here!

THIRD PLACE: Cult of Individuality


These jeans from Cult of Individuality are actually the most comfortable pair I’ve owned—the only reason they’re in third place is because they do stretch out with wear (although how much does that really matter when they’re comfy enough to sleep in). I really love this light wash—you can give it a girly vibe with a flowy, silky top, or go edgy with a leather jacket and moto boots.

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