The Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made

I’ve spent the last two weekends sifting through the contents of my closets in the spirit of spring cleaning. I’ve uncovered bags I’d forgotten I’d had, shoes that haven’t been worn in 2+ years, dresses with the tags still attached…meaning that yes, I have fully stocked the local Goodwill, you’re welcome.

Of all the stuff that I own, there are few pieces that I truly keep in my daily rotation and probably will for the next several years. There’s that Annabel Ingall tote, the ultimate leather carry-all that looks good no matter what you’re wearing; my Rag & Bone booties (I now own them in two colors, and am already thinking about my next pair); the Jacquie Aiche diamond finger bracelet, the daintiest, prettiest and most unique accent to anybody’s jewelry game; bright blue metallic Manolos, a sample sale steal that make a statement when you need them to, but are also surprisingly versatile. But the best purchase I’ve ever, ever made?


Hands down, this gorgeous Veda jacket, made with the most sumptuous leather (which I might add, is aging very well). It’s cool, edgy, and wearable year-round: The jacket is lightweight enough to throw on during breezy spring days, and perfect during colder months layered over a cashmere sweater and a black fur vest. In such a classic silhouette, it’s a piece that will really never go out of style, but its longevity isn’t the only thing that makes this piece the best purchase I’ve ever made.


The jacquard detailing on the back of this piece makes it a total statement piece—yet the texture is subtle enough for it to be a part of my wardrobe every day, every season. It elevates the look of whatever I’m wearing, and isn’t just any leather jacket—it pulls together any outfit, every time. It’s become my signature piece, and one that I’ll be wearing for years, years, years to come.


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