Shampoo Worth the $140 Price Tag

I’ve never really had problem hair—it has a slight natural wave to it, and is totally manageable whether I want to straighten it, curl it, or style it in any way. For years, I wore it long, straight and sleek—but half a year ago, I took the plunge and cut it to a Lily Collins-inspired lob (anybody who knows me knows it was extraordinarily short for me!), and that meant learning how to wear it at this new length.

Lilly Collins2-20130822-61


Out of necessity (read: not enough time in the mornings), I stopped straightening my hair and started blow-drying in the AMs only. This worked well with the shorter length—it gave me the volume that straightened hair didn’t. But it still didn’t have the chic, je ne sais quoi vibe I wanted.

I recently made the move from NYC to SLC, and I’m working from home—which means I can head to the “office” (as in, the next room) with my hair still wet in the morning. I’ve discovered that my “I woke up like this” hair is actually…pretty wearable. But with the wrong shampoo and conditioner, I was still getting unwanted frizz and pouf in all the wrong places. That is, until I started using Philip B’s Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo ($140). I’d tried a sample size when I had long hair, and it gave me unprecedented shine in my long locks—but I’d used hair serums that could’ve recreated that look, so I didn’t consider it a must-have at that point.

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Once I started air drying, I finally realized this shampoo’s real capabilities. It comes in 3 oz and 12 oz jars, and the consistency isn’t what you’d usually expect from shampoo—it’s almost like a thick, honey or caramel-like texture. Scoop a small amount into your palms and warm it into a rich lather—work it into your roots, comb the later through the rest of your hair, and let it sit on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing. The amber oil leaves a luxurious fragrance that lasts long after your hair has dried—it’s seriously amazing. I pair it with the Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme ($150) and for an extra treatment every other week, the Katira Hair Masque ($40), but the shampoo itself is moisturizing enough that even without any conditioner, your hair will come out super, super soft.

Now, when I air dry, my hair comes out with incredible shine and bounce—practically the kind of flippable, shimmering locks you’d expect out of a heavily-edited hair commercial—all without so much as running a brush through my hair! My waves are defined, not frizzy; my hair is ridiculously sleek and shiny, yet with the volume you wouldn’t get after running a high-shine serum through your hair to achieve the same look. I’m all about the budget-friendly drugstore products (Simple Skincare has the best facial wipes, and Vaseline’s lip therapy is the most effective solution for chapped lips, ever), but this shampoo is absolutely, absolutely worth the splurge—it’s seriously life-changing; a miracle product that will give your hair a total transformation. Hint: You can get it for a fraction of the price from Amazon!

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